Exfoliate Your Skin with Efficient Dermablading in Gold Coast

Dermablading, also known as dermaplaning or epiblading is a physical exfoliation treatment. The process involves the use of a medical-grade blade to very gently remove or ‘shave’ the surface of your skin to remove any dead skin cells and peach fuzz/fine hairs.

All the epiblading done at our Gold Coast clinic is administered by professionally trained technicians who have the skills and experience to ensure you have attentive service for better results. The blade is targeted at the face and is done freehand to ensure maximum control to pressure, number of passes and contact with eyebrows and nose.

Why Choose EpiBlading Treatments?

There are a number of benefits to individuals wanting to try out our epiblading service.

This treatment is ideal for a wide range of complexions, even those with sensitive skin. It is known to be particularly effective for those with dry or rough skin.

This treatment is great for getting rid of the build up of dead skin cells. It also removes fine hairs which can help eliminate trapped dirt and oil on the face.

This entire process usually takes around 30 minutes or so. It could take longer if it’s done with complementary treatments like a facial peel. Talk to our technicians to find one that suits your skin needs.

Just Skyn Beauty Has All Your Dermablading Needs Covered

If you’ve been curious about dermablading, book an appointment at our Gold Coast clinic today! Our technicians can ensure you receive some of the best treatments. We also offer a free consultation so we can get to you and your skin before we perform any procedures.

Just Skyn Beauty also offers a range of other services like laser hair removal, brazillian waxing and more. Walk into our clinic today!