Ultra Deep Cleansing Facial

(Normal - Oily / Combination 60 MINS)

Treat Yourself to an Ultra Deep Cleansing Facial at our Gold Coast Clinic

If you’re battling dried out and tired skin and you’re looking for a deep cleansing facial locally on the Gold Coast, Just Skyn Beauty might just be perfect for you. We specialise in providing the best facials and massages in the Gold Coast region, offering tailored treatments to your skin type to ensure you get the best facial massage possible. Schedule a nourishing facial massage with our Gold Coast salon today!

Why Should I Get a Facial Massage?

Balancing the skin without stripping its natural moisture is very important. It is crucial to avoid harsh products that strip the skin of oil, leaving the skin tight and dehydrated.

Seborrhoea is a condition/reaction caused by overactive oil glands working overtime to compensate for the loss of natural oils.

These facials will help balance out overactive glands and bring your skin PH to a normal level. It is guaranteed to soothe irritated skin, offering a deep cleansing facial that will leave your skin feeling irresistible to touch.

RECOMMENDED for all skin types every 4-6 weeks

For best results, we always recommend advanced home care.

Ultra Deep Cleansing Facial
Ultra Vitamin Eye Treatment

Optional add-on

Invest in your skin with our facial rejuvenation treatments, tailored for the Gold Coast

Located in the heart of the Gold Coast, we can tailor a facial to suit your needs. Before your treatment, we will analyse the condition of your skin and any recurring issues you are experiencing, and plan an individual skincare program for you. Regardless of whether you want LED light therapy, skin peels or a spa facial, our Gold Coast salon provide the best facial treatments available.

Our ultra deep cleansing facial treatments have been specifically developed to battle problems like congestion and inflammation, leaving your skin feeling purified, refreshed and instantly brighter. Your treatment will include a deep cleanse, a steam, a relaxing facial massage and a facial mask. At the end of your treatment, your therapist will apply a protective serum to seal in moisture and create a soft, smooth and radiant glow. Regular sessions combined with an at-home care regimen will help to thwart ongoing problems.

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