Ultra Skin Barrier Repair Facial

All Skin Types (60 MINS)

Our Ultra Skin Barrier Repair Facial will flush out impurities - increase circulation and de-congest clogged pores.

An invaluable aid in the elimination and alleviation of dryness, puffiness, the diminishing of dark circles and management of skin problems associated with visible signs of fatigue, jet lag or the demands of busy lifestyles.

We detoxify the skin and infuse nutrients to balance the skin and leave a look and feel of a brighter and improved skin texture all while you get to close your eyes and relax for a full 60 minutes.

RECOMMENDED for all skin types every 4-6 weeks

For best results, we always recommend advanced home care.

Ultra Skin Barrier Repair Facial
Ultra Vitamin Eye Treatment

Optional add-on

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