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Looking for affordable Brazilian waxing services on the Gold Coast?

Whether it's for the beach or just for you, there are many benefits to opting for a Brazilian. These include not only the confience of having a totally hair-free body, but a convenient 3-5 week break between waxes, and a smoother, less 'stubbly' re-growth.

Our beauty technicians have experience in waxing and can ensure you have a comfortable experience when you come to us. We are more than happy to take all your questions if you are hesitant about getting a full Brazilian wax service.

Benefits of Getting a Brazilian Wax at Our Gold Coast Salon

There’s a reason many individuals choose to get a Brazilian wax, as there a number of benefits to this service as opposed to the conventional shaving.

Your skin feels more comfortable and smoother compared to when hair is shaved off with a razor.

  • The wax helps exfoliate your skin and gets rid of all the dead skin cells.

  • You will be hair free for weeks with a wax, compared to shaving that only leaves you hairless for around two days.

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At Just Skyn Beauty we offer effective and affordable Brazilian wax services to Gold Coast ladies looking for the convenience of a totally smooth and silky body. If this is your first appointment and you’re feeling a bit shy, feel free to talk to your technician and they will help put you at ease. We have individuals of all types come in for waxing services, so you don’t have to worry about any judgement.
Centrally located at Broadbeach Waters, just a ten-minute drive from many GC suburbs, Just Skyn Beauty offers you the latest techniques and highest-quality products (including Caron professional waxing products) for all your hair removal needs. And of course, we never recycle wax.

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Our Pricing

Full Brazilian Wax - $59.00

Bikini Wax - From $39.00

G-String - $49.00

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